Where’s MY 3%?! Update and Lawsuit Summary:

SUMMARY OF AFSCME LAWSUIT AGAINST THE HOWARDCENTER •    In May of 2013, the Vermont Legislature passed a law giving a 3% funding increase to Medicaid providers, including the HowardCenter.  The law required providers “to provide a commensurate increase in compensation for direct care workers.”  In other words, direct care workers were supposed to get a […]

A Growing Movement

Sunday September 14th: Be Part of a New Movement with Local 1674 With changes in AFSCME staff we at Local 1674 are experiencing new opportunities to create and be part of a more member-run Union. Come join a discussion and brainstorming session with longtime Labor Activist Ellen David Friedman, to help create a dynamic strategy […]

Stand Stronger Together

Attend AFSCME Local 1674’s meeting
 on September 2nd! Though we have yet to be offered a fair contract, AFSCME Local 1674 is standing strong in solidarity.  Come put your heads together with us, and be part of the new energy and ideas happening with your local Union. When: Tuesday, September 2nd, at 5:30 pm Where: CYFS […]