“City Councilors Want Livable Wage For Howard Center Employees”

Monday night December 15th, Progressive City Councilors brought the below Resolution to the table; supporting a livable wage, good working conditions, adequate state funding, and retention of employees as a priority for the Howard Center Agency in its important work in the city. The Resolution was met with both support and criticism from Democratic CouncilorsContinue reading ““City Councilors Want Livable Wage For Howard Center Employees””

AFSCME Workers Support Fairpoint Workers on the Picket Line!

Join us Thusdays as we bring solidarity to Fairpoint workers picketting in snow and cold! Next up: December 16th 3:30pm at 266 Main Str. The workers of AFSCME stand in solidarity with the workers on strike at Fairpoint in their prolonged struggle for just working conditions going into these winter months! More on the Fairpoint strike here.Continue reading “AFSCME Workers Support Fairpoint Workers on the Picket Line!”

Where’s MY 3%?! Update and Lawsuit Summary:

SUMMARY OF AFSCME LAWSUIT AGAINST THE HOWARDCENTER •    In May of 2013, the Vermont Legislature passed a law giving a 3% funding increase to Medicaid providers, including the HowardCenter.  The law required providers “to provide a commensurate increase in compensation for direct care workers.”  In other words, direct care workers were supposed to get aContinue reading “Where’s MY 3%?! Update and Lawsuit Summary:”

Community Day of Action: Soteria House Fence Building

On Sunday August 24th AFSCME Local 1674 teamed up with the new Pathways’ project Soteria House opening in the Old North End, to tear down an existing fence and get a new one started.  It was a great day of team-work, fun, and camaraderie.We were glad to be able to partner and with a fellowContinue reading “Community Day of Action: Soteria House Fence Building”