About Your Union

About Your Union

Howard Center Workers’ Union, AFSCME Local 1674, exists to improve working conditions, build solidarity, and fight for better communities for the workers at the Howard Center and the individuals we serve.

The union is the only way to ensure we and our clients are treated with basic fairness, respect, and dignity. We want to help all workers to become actively involved in our union so that we can create a truly client-centered democratic workplace delivering the highest quality of care.

Our monthly meetings are still held on the first Wednesday of every month, from 5:30-7:00PM. However, due to the pandemic, these meetings are now held only on Zoom. Check out the latest bargaining unit email for upcoming meeting details.

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Occasionally doing the right thing is not only simple, but easy. Like joining your union!

Looking for a copy of the contract? Look no further. It’s available online in a variety of formats.

If you need a blank grievance form, click this button. Don’t forget to contact us for support!