Our Collective Bargaining Agreement

Available formats

The CBA for 7/1/18–6/30/21 is available in the following formats. Pick your poison:

  • For a PDF scan of the entire contract, click here. Sorry, no OCR yet (i.e., it’s not searchable using Ctrl+F).
  • For a web version of the contract, click here. It’s not pretty, but it’s a functional and accurate reproduction. Please note that I have not yet had time to add the appendices (including the pay grid). I dream of the day when we have enough funds for a modern web host and can have a nice wiki presentation of the contract with in a collapsible nested hierarchy. First, though, the contract itself needs a major formatting consistency overhaul.
  • For an ePub version, in case you want to save it to Apple Books, Acrobat Reader, etc. on your mobile device, click here. It’s still wonky and has no functional table of contents, but I’m working on it.

A note about the web version: We would host the contract directly on this site, but WordPress is now incapable of properly rendering HTML.

Normally that wouldn’t be a big deal, but a contract requires pretty exact rendering. Because of its successively-accumulated formatting “peculiarities,” I had to manually hard-code its HTML.

Thanks for bearing with us.


Coming soon

We plan to add easy-to-reference key excerpts from the contract to this page. That should save you some time and headache. Until then, Ctrl+F is your friend.

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