Informational Pickets

AFSCME 1674 held three Informational Pickets on April 2nd and April 9th to protest the lack of a Fair Contract and Livable Wages for all employees after One Year being at the Bargaining Table.
pic3Each picket hosting between 25-40 people, they sent a strong message of solidarity and support across different sectors of the agency and community.

pic2New stories were told of employees struggling to provide care to clients while living off of sub-standard resources.

pic 4Resolve was strengthened as we were reminded that we struggle not just for ourselves but for all of us.

picAnd we’re not backing down!! Stay tuned and get involved as we continue to send a united message to the Agency for quality services, staff retention, livable wages and manageable caseloads, to ensure a stronger community for us all!

***Next up: Rally for Livable Jobs at the Howard Center 6 pm Monday Night, May 18th. ***

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