Your Rights on the Job

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Handout: A Union Guide to Surviving a Hostile Supervisor [PDF]

More useful handouts are on their way!

Need help?

If you need a steward, help understanding something in the contract, or someone to talk you through a problem at work, you can email us or contact our steward dispatch service via voicemail or text message at (802) 391-0123.

Not sure if you need help?

Better contact us anyway. (See above.)

Union Stewards: A steward is a trained union member who defends coworkers in disciplinary proceedings and protects our contract from management overreach. Stewards also get together monthly, to strategize, and to provide support to one another. Stewards are the backbone of a safe and dignified workplace and we are always looking for more folks who want to step up and support their coworkers in this important way.

Remember your Weingarten Rights: “If this discussion could in any way lead to my being disciplined or terminated, or affect my personal working conditions, I respectfully request that my union representative, officer, or steward be present at the meeting. Without representation, I choose not to participate in the discussion.”

Below entries are from the Union negotiated, “Collective Bargaining Agreement between HowardCenter and AFSCME, Local 1674.

Section 508 – License Fees Reimbursement

A. While it is the employee’s responsibility to maintain adequate licenses, roster and/or certification, the [Howard Center] will reimburse full-time employees on a cyclical basis for the cost of a Vermont State clinical license, roster and/or clinical certification when such license, roster and/or certification is required:

a. as stated by and in the employee’s current job description;
b. where such license and/or certification relates to the work of the program in the reasonable judgement of the [Howard Center].

Section 608 – Howard Emergency Leave Pool (HELP)

The Howard Emergency Leave Pool (HELP) is available for all non-probationary regular full time and part time employees in need of extended paid time off for illness. The requested time off must be for the care of the employee or a family member at home or outside the employee’s home. A maximum of 75 hours annually may be granted to full time employees and the equivalent pro-rated for part time employees. An employee may make a request to the Director of Operations stating how the time will be used and why it is essential. Employees cannot use HELP concurrently with disability or instead of disability. In order for the request to be granted, the employee must have depleted all sick time or ESB (see Section 601 – Extended Sick Bank), and have no more than 5 days of CTO (vacation) remaining. All requests shall be subject to availability of hours in the HELP pool.

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