Our Solidarity is Our Strength


Have suggestions for some benefits that you feel we deserve? The Union is the employees’ channel to create change in their workplace. By joining the Union, employees come together as individuals who are united in their dedication to serving the HowardCenter community. Our Union gives employees the avenue to advocate for more responsible working conditions, which enables them to make a meaningful commitment to one another as a community. Without a union, the employer is the sole arbiter, who dictates the terms and conditions of the employees’ contracts regarding money, time, and labor. Through unionizing the work-force at the HowardCenter we can arrange negotiations with HowardCenter management to create a positive, successful working environment, which honors both the employees and the clients.

As a union, we can ensure that the HowardCenter pays its employees a fair wage, which, by adding to the general well-being of individuals and communities, will also increase the quality of our work. It was through our Union’s efforts that negotiations were made for employee benefits, such as paid time-off, health care coverage, and the 401KS retirement plan. All of these benefits, thanks to the unionization of HowardCenter workers, are guaranteed and protected by law.

The Union is an organization of HowardCenter workers. All of the official union positions
are filled by your coworkers. Union meetings and events allow you to talk with coworkers about the status of your workplace and how we can improve our work setting. The negotiation team is elected by the union members during the organizational meetings. That team brings concerns and issues to the attention of the HowardCenter, then work together to create a contract that reflects the employees’ desires, wants, and needs. The stewards are also elected by the members, striving hard to make sure that our contract is upheld at the workplace.

By joining the Union, you make your voice heard and make your workplace the best it can be. Our strength lies in unity. By working together, we can provide the highest quality of service to our clients. Union membership has steadily increased over the years. Even if you aren’t a member, your benefits are influenced by the strength of our Union. We ask all of our colleagues to join us in our common struggle to protect our rights as unionized workers.


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