As Local 1674, our goal is to ensure that our bargaining unit members have a safe working environment in which to promote our ongoing concern for client health and safety.

We believe every bargaining unit member actively desires to provide helpful modeling for client welfare, community inclusion, and healthy relationships. Our Union is committed to ensuring that bargaining unit members are supported in their workplace as well as in the larger community, while having positive, professional relationships with both their coworkers and supervisors.

We understand that our bargaining-unit members are occasionally required to serve clients prone to violent, threatening, and harmful behaviors. Through acting as mediators between bargaining-unit members and management, our Union is providing a better understanding of how to support those clients. Our Union focuses on maintaining the dignity and well-being of bargaining unit members in order to ensure that our clients receive the proper care, treatment, and services.

We believe our bargaining unit members more effectively serve our clients when (according to confidentiality codes) they have consistent communication with each other as well as their supervisors. Our Union aims to collaborate with supervisors, bargaining-unit members, and the community, in order to move us progressively toward our goal of client-centered safety.

Our Union, through valuing the important contributions of our bargaining unit members, is able to provide a deeper understanding of the HowardCenter ‘Circles of Excellence.’ We therefore support our bargaining unit members’ abilities to educate, empower, and inspire an awareness of our rights as employees.

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