Local 1674 is committed to promoting a fair work-environment which provides employees with adequate time and resources to most effectively assist the clients with whom they work.

We believe that bargaining unit members not only hold the most important insights as to what it takes to do their jobs well, but are also committed to sharing those insights.

When employees are listened to in areas regarding case-loads, paperwork, and client needs we believe they will be empowered with both the professional agency and support, to establish positive relationships with clients at the center of their work.

In so far as employees receive a livable wage and proper health-care, they are better able to perform their jobs well and will be in a position to make long term commitments to the populations they serve. In cases where employees receive an unsustainable wage and are not listened to on the job, the result is high turnover and a lack of continuity and effectiveness in the relationships between client and staff.

On all of these issues and any others that arise, Local 1674 is committed to being a strong advocate for employees, supporting working conditions that allow bargaining members to express their views, while also having all the possible resources to ensure that they are able to meet the needs of their clients.

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