Solidarity Will See Us Through

Solidarity will see us through!

To the 700+ workers of Local 1674:

All your officers, stewards, and organizers are working as hard as possible to respond moment-to-moment.

We recognize that so many unpredictable changes will unfold in the coming weeks and months and that so many things in this moment beyond our control. One thing we can control, one thing that doesn’t have to change for the worse is, we can have each other’s back.

Your union needs you. Please lend a hand! Volunteer even a few minutes of your time, talents, and knowledge to help us navigate this historic crisis as one. There are many ways to help. Our ability to ensure we get what we need from the state in this moment depends on our strength, and our strength is proportional to our membership; so, if you aren’t a member yet, join! Or consider helping out with our face mask production drive.

Our clients need you. Please volunteer for redeployment so we can all get back to our regular jobs sooner! As millions of workers are filing for unemployment, we have a rare opportunity to not remain employed, but to work on the frontline of this crisis by providing direct support for the clients we have committed to serve.

All hands on deck for redeployment to clients in need

Take action now: support the labor’s demands to VT lawmakers

Join our face mask production drive to keep workers safe!

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